Posted by La Chaise 

Everybody arrived at The Usual Spot promptly at 12:00.

The Third Elf brought gifts for all the members!

Shagatha brought a copy of the agenda plus all pre-meeting reading materials.

La Chaise agreed to take minutes.

The Fox felt compelled to interject with a personal statement of limited liability. It was eloquent. Heads nodded and assurances were given.

The first order of business was to choose a blog name. Several options were discussed.

Shagatha moved that the blog be called The Bank Street Irrelevants. Motion passed.

Menus were perused. The Autonomous Eye moved that if anybody ordered breakfast and a beer, it should go in the minutes.

The Third Elf and La Chaise both ordered beer and breakfast. The others ordered beer and lunch.

There was discussion of the blog’s look and feel and whether there should be a cam in the sidebar. But then everyone started admiring the Third Elf’s pointy little ears and curly feet with the bells on the toes and forgot to finish talking about the sidebar cam.

Breakfast and lunch and beer arrived. There was much eating and drinking, and some discussion of what home fries actually are, and whether fried leftover mashed potatoes have any right to be called home fries. There was a brief sidebar conversation about fishnet stockings and studded dog collars.

There was debate about pros and cons of different blogging platforms. WordPress was chosen. There was debate about the pros and cons of various stats programs. All of them were chosen.

Various blog mottos were considered and discarded.  Then Shagatha suggested one that  Fox and Third Elf massaged into something that was enthusiastically embraced by all members: The BSIs: Angst-free since 2003.

There was discussion of contests and prizes and nefarious evil-doing. [redacted]

There was more eating and drinking and discussion of redacted things.

The meeting was adjourned promptly at 2:00.