TNPosted by Empty Shell

Hi all. I’m in Paris, France can you believe it!!!? Daddy and Mummy gave me this trip for a Christmas present. The Bank Street Irrelevants have decided that I can be their Special Correspondent in France, so I can report back on all the super-cool stuff about Paris and stuff and also I can tell Paris people all about Ottawa and Bank Street and stuff.

There’s actually a place here called the Left Bank, it’s a little like Bank Street back home, except it’s not a street, it’s lots of streets. But there’s a river for instance and cafes. The Paris people call it Reeve Gosh, or something. It’s a super-cool place though, with lots of restaurants and super-amazing boutiques and totally awesome clubs.


I met this guy, Luca….. (sigh) We met in this club at St-Germain-des-Prés (that’s the name of the street….. the BSIs said I had to give details) Anyway, Luca was soooo hot!! He talks funny, though.

After he took me to this super-amazing place called Le Tango on rue au Maire. I danced so much I was almost sweating!

So then he said we should go somewhere more quiet and ended up at this super-sexy place that was called Sanz-Sans, or something… I think. It was on rue Faubourg St-Antoine. There were so many awesome people there who knew just everybody and they were super-nice to me. Luca and I made out a little – tee hee. What? Everybody was doing it!!!

I didn’t get back to my hotel until like seven or something! And nooooo, Luca didn’t come in. He only walked me to my door.

Oh ya, I’m staying at the Paris Hilton!!!!! Can you believe it?!! It sooo totally super-glamorous!

More later.