An internet poem
by Fox

The arctic fox is adapted to survive in the far north.
“Kumiho” is the word for the fox spirits of Korean mythology;
a fox is hunted on the ice.
The fox is out of the bag.


Foxes are clever mammals with large ears
and a long, bushy tail.
This is an educational site
dedicated to the often misunderstood red fox. 

This brave fox wandered up on our porch.
The fox is now in the shops.
The Fox is a lovely big Edwardian-style pub,
fairly reminiscent of the Hare.

Studies have shown that fox numbers drop
as coyote numbers increase.
Coyotes have taken over the rural habitats
so that the fox are forced into more urbanized places. 

The fox knows many things,
but the hedgehog knows one big thing.
In this game you’re a cute fox, of course.
Fire up the Fox!

Foxes hunt game by stalking and pouncing,
just like a cat. They wait until the mouse or vole
comes above ground, then the fox jumps
high in the air and pounces on its prey.  

There is much written
about the history of the Fox.
Man do I love that Fox robot!
Fox better get ready for an email blitz.

The Fox school is the largest, most comprehensive
business school in the region.
Spot the fox, video, view, video, view,
upload and share, spot the fox.

To kill its prey, the fox
severs the spinal cord with its teeth.
Foxes, like other wild animals,
do NOT make good pets.

The Fox rocks.
May the Fox be with you!