Journey of the fox

An Internet poem
by the lowercase fox

Our journey took us through steppe, taiga,
mountainous regions, and around the southern shores
of Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake in the world.

Our journey took us in a direction
I had never before travelled. The further east
our journey took us, the more adventurous it became.

Our journey took us through another A road.
I held out our sign as we walked, and was amazed
when someone stopped for us.

Our journey took us from the casual meat eater
to the self-reliant human. After lunch
our journey took us to Pattaya, about three hours away.

Our journey took us across five time zones
and through one or two villages, but they had been
reduced to ghost towns.

The next part of our journey
took us to Bath, England. Our journey
took us into dialogue with women.

Our journey took us past a small salt flat
where we stopped to take some experimental photos.
The next leg of our journey

took us to Holland. The weather deteriorated.
We were having scattered showers. Not the best of weather
for a beach holiday! Our journey took us

to explore a new realm of consciousness. Our journey
took us beyond the electric lines, telephone,
paved roads and television. We built our own house,

grew salads year-round in a solar greenhouse,
and taught our children at home. Naturally, our journey
took us past small settlements and isolated homes,

most of which were adorned with a variety of
Christmas lights. At times, our journey took us
through some rather desolate and depressing places.
Our journey took us on a rickety bus that broke down
after 10 minutes. Our journey took us across
a massive waterfall visible from far.

Some years our journey took us only a few hundred miles;
other years we traveled coast to coast. The final part
of our journey took us north again to the quaint village of York.

Our journey took us straight uphill. Our journey took us
to Mount Horeb, where God once spoke so loudly.
Our journey took us to the beautiful Argentinean city of Mendoza,

full of great plazas, restaurants and, of course,
the ultimate life style choice. This part of our trip
put the icing on our cake!

-signed, fox


  -The Elgin Street Irregulars

“All heart!!”
  -Asteroidea press

“Jolly good!!!”
  -The Queen of England