barrymores2.jpgThis elf has a bone to pick with Barrymore’s Music Hall. The music venue, which is very close to my alley home, has repeatedly won the title of “biggest eyesore” in various local polls. And it deserves the medals.

Peeling paint. Rotting old curtains. A general look of nastiness that completely contradicts the beauty inside. For an area of Bank Street that often gets a bad rap, this isn’t helping. I refuse to believe the owners of the club can’t apply for a city grant if they don’t want to pay for repairs out of their own pockets.

Not only that, but back when I was I was adopting my first stray kitties (over ten years now), Barrymore’s actually used to book great bands.  I remember, because I was sneaking into the club to “borrow” items from the bar (hey! even an elf needs refreshment). Instead of hightailing it out of there, I would stay to listen.

Now? Most nights, I sneak in to find yet another cover band on the stage, and frankly, I would rather clean my kitties’ litter boxes than stick around for that. Sure, sometimes you get the odd great show, but it seems to me that Ottawa folk will be stuck with 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and Nights For Music They Play On The Radio These Days… Forever.