Elfie’s post got me thinking about the true meaning of Christmas, which in turn got me thinking about presents. So I started this Christmas list for Santa, to help him with gift ideas for some of my bloggy friends, even the naughty ones.

I could use some help. Please contribute gift suggestions in the comments.  If you can think of good presents for any other bloggers, throw them in there too.  

(I know Santa reads this blog: I saw his IP address in the stats. He’s probably just here on a witch hunt for Elfie, but if there’s one thing Santa can’t resist, it’s a list.)

Foxy: Four-and-twenty blackbirds, baked in a pie

Blackbird Pie

Empty Shell: Diapers


Shagatha: A hand-knit cozy for her icy heart

 A handknit heart cozy

Shagatha’s Personal Assistant: A new flask


Autonomous Eye: X-ray specs

 xray specs

La Chaise: A makeover

 A makeover

Third Elf: A book


Fourth Dwarf:  Collectible Long Dong’s Pirate Dwarf Slayers

Long Dong’s Pirate Dwarf Slayer

Aggie: A room of her own

A room of her own

Coyote: A big old slow-moving declawed pussycat

Fat Cat

Conch Shell: Sea monkeys

Sea Monkeys

Independent Observer: A gondola


The Chair: Casters

A set of castors