TrophyAs you may know, the bANk sTREet irReLEvanTs have been nominated for a Canadian Blog Award in the Best Group Blog category. This is very exciting for us. We’d like to thank the Academy and our moms and our Grade One teachers for making it all possible. We’d also like to thank ourselves for nominating us.

There’s some pretty formidable competition out there.

First and foremost, of course, there’s the Elgin Street Irregulars, who certainly aren’t new to blogging or even competitive blogging. I understand they were recently engaged in a bit of a pissing contest with a relatively unknown blogger who shall remain unnamed because he’s probably feeling a wee bit sheepish right now. My only advice to him is “Put on your big boy panties and rock on, Unnamed Blogger.”

Then there’s Beats Entropy. They’re Ottawa-based, near Elgin Street and Bank Street. They’re hoping to woo the CBA voting public with drunken shirtless pictures. It’s so crazy it might just work. Therefore, the BSIs will be getting together later this week to pose for a full frontal group shot. That’ll teach those Entropy guys to divulge their strategy to the competition.