Dear Chaise,
Here is a picture of the “napkin ring.” Yes, yes, most attractive against your lovely red skin. But now I must be off!


We have learned, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Fourth Dwarf is really a pirate. Not a little sleepy miner. And he may have a neck. But he cannot hide for long from the piercing gaze of the Autonomous Eye!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turning, turning… Seeking, seeking…

I have it! The so-called Fourth Dwarf is really this dwarf rabbit named Zoey!!


Zoey lives in Halifax with little Amy Zuckerman. How cute, how diabolical!

But wait…

Turning, turning… Seeking, seeking…

No! Without a doubt the Fourth Dwarf is really this dwarf African frog named Benji!!


Benji lives in a pet shop in Timmins. He can’t wait to be adopted into a nice family.

But wait!! Turning, turning… Seeking, seeking…

Zooming in…….

It has come to our attention that the members of that other blog post under assumed names!

No matter. No secret is safe from the piercing gaze of the Autonomous Eye.

The Eye will now disclose the true identity of the so-called Fourth Dwarf. Turning… turning… seeking… seeking…

I have it! Without a doubt the Fourth Dwarf is Munchkin Jerry Maren from The Wizard of Oz.


Fourth Dwarf, shown in the middle of this picture, lives in Omaha with his cat Rusty. He is 111 years old. 

But wait! We have been misled! That is not the real Fourth Dwarf! Jerry Maren does not know how to use a computer.

Turning… turning…

Seeking… seeking…