Posted by Shagatha’s Personal Assistant

It has been brought to Shagatha’s attention that a person with irregularity issues has been blackening Shagatha’s good name.  The terms, “hussy” and “trollope” were used.

Shagatha finds this prejucial and unnecessarily hurtful since this Aggie person has never met Shagatha and knows virtually nothing about her. For her own part, Shagatha has, until now considered Aggie a sister in the shagosphere – one with whom she might perhaps one day share an evening of shagalicious note-comparison over a fine bottle of some very old wine and a variety of nice cheeses. 

Furthermore, Shagatha has no desire to “riff” anyone’s “gig”.  Shagatha has a very full plate of gigs of her own.  On further consideration, however, Shagatha does admit the striking similarity of name and friends could be a bit unsettling.  Rest assured that, while Shagatha’s group of friends may be somewhat peculiar, they are really quite a sweet and playful bunch. (Please note: that admitting this in a public forum has made Shagatha quite ill).

Finally, Shagatha would like to recall the words of Charles Caleb Colton, when he said, ” Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”