bus.jpgShagatha is very unhappy with OC Transpo.  Shagatha herself, of course never rides public transit because she is the owner of several large vehicles that conveniently convey her around and about Ottawa’s highways and beyond.  Shagatha, however, also has a benevolent social conscience, as befits her station in life. She is therefore, publicly asking OC Transpo what on earth they are thinking about?The City of Ottawa is one of Canada’s largest, but unlike Canada’s other large cities, Ottawa has a sad little transit system more suited to a small rural town.  It’s scheduling and routing is too inconvenient for most commuters to use regularly and it’s horribly overpriced. And now, of course they are raising the fares.

Shagatha believes that a city’s transit system is its lifeblood. It must be fed, not drained. It moves people around the city and environs.  It saves traffic snarls within the city which Shagatha despises as it impedes her smooth passage to places where her presence is both vital and highly desired.  She suggests that public transit not be regarded as a money-making venture, but rather as a wise investment in a city’s future. Raising fares and cutting service is foolish. Maintaining fares, increasing the number of vehicles, the number of routes, re-visiting the schedules; investing in a smart card system instead of those silly paper transfers and monthly passes – these would be clever.

It is unfortunate that much as he’d like to, Mayor Larry O’Brien doesn’t travel in Shagatha’s social circle, or you can be sure he would be getting quite an earful from Shagatha at the next local function.

Monthly Transit Pass Comparisons

Montreal = $65

Vancouver = $73

Edmonton =  $59

Winnipeg = $71.25

Ottawa = $73 –  $81 by July (6th increase in 4 years)