My bestest friend, Richard is back in town!!! We used to play together when we were little because his family is friends with mine and everything. But he went away to ballet school in Europe somewhere and now he got a job as a dancer with the National Ballet, which I think is sooooo super-amazing. He’s totally gorgeous AND a super-amazing professional dancer!!!!! 

We were, like, soooo happy to see each other again and he said I was totally gorgeous, too. So we went shopping together. He likes all the same shops I like and we bought sooooo much stuff and he even bought me this cute little bag from a boutique on Sussex Drive.


  Isn’t it just adorable? After we went to a super-cool vegetarian restaurant called Sacred Garden.  It’s Thai food (which I loooove), but also there’s no meat in anything which is way cool because Richard says “it’s not right to eat our fellow creatures”.  (Guess what? I think I might be a vegetarian now, too!!!!!) So the food was awesome.  They had like these little pretend shrimps which looked like shrimps and tasted even more shrimpy than shrimps, but they didn’t have any shrimps in them!!! How crazy is that????  I couldn’t figure out how they did that. And actually, I didn’t like the pretend shrimps too much.  They were, like, really super-shrimpy. Ewww. I also tried the green curry which was very spicy, but O.M.G.! soooo yummy.  But, I couldn’t eat too much because it was so spicy.  Then we had Pad Thai (without shrimps).  It was super-yummy. And I had the most amazing thing called Tofu Tod and I didn’t even know I liked tofu!!! Actually, I didn’t even know you could eat tofu or even what it was!!!

The funniest thing was that the server person kept filling up our water glasses every time we’d take a sip so we played a game where we’d each take a tiny sip and the server person would rush right over to fill the glass up again and we’d laugh our heads off and then take another tiny sip. It was soooo funny!!  But it’s okay because Richard left him an enormous tip.  He’s super-generous. Anyway, Sacred Garden is a nice, relaxing place and I really, really want to go there again and try more stuff because it all looks so good from what I could see on other people’s tables. You should totally go there.  Also, I want to try more vegetarian things because then I don’t have to feel bad about what I’m eating. 

Okay, so now I have a question.  Richard asked me to go to New York with him like, next weekend to see Drowsy Chaperone and shop and stuff. He has a small apartment there and promised I could have my own room and bathroom and he’s been a total gentleman so far and I have known him forever and I really want to go, but oh my…. what do you think? Daddy says I’m “perfectly safe” with Richard, but I don’t want him to think I’m THAT kind of girl because I really, really like him and I think maybe he’s THE ONE??? (O.M.G., I can’t believe I said that… tee hee)