I know, I know we were all supposed to go to Elgin Street with that yummy Joe guy, but I was just soooooo excited about our trip that I wanted to surprise you all and get here before everybody so, like, I could get us a place to stay and find some super-yummy restaurants (since I’m a reviewer and everything now).

So, okay, here I am on Elgin Street in this coffee shop. 


I got us all super-cool rooms at the Four Seasons which is just around the corner from Elgin Street since there weren’t any really good hotels right on Elgin Steet.

Also, I made reservations at this amazing restaurant where I’ve already been to try it.  It’s called Enoteca – I don’t really know how to say it.  But, you guys are going to die from super-yummines when you eat here.

If you’re wondering, Daddy gave me one of his chefs, Lee, to borrow so he could help me get here and find everything and also to talk to some of the people because they’re can’t really speak English for some reason.


Lee’s really nice and he’s been super-helpful, but tell Joe, not to worry because we still need him for most of the trip because Lee’s kind of old and gets tired a lot.  He’s going home and soon as you guys all get here.

Okay, so here’s a picture of Elgin Street, so you’ll know where to go and recognize it when you get here.


 I can’t wait to see you all.!!!! Miss you!!!!! xxxxooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!