Hi Everybody!!!

So, okay sorry I disappeared and everything, but I’ve been at this retreat with a bunch of nuns who were really, really sweet and helped me to calm down and stuff and now I feel a lot better. Except that I almost started to feel worse again when I found out that people thought we had no heart because I totally have a huge heart.

But anyway,  now I’d like to do a restaurant review because the nuns said I should try to get a creative outlet and also get things off my chest more instead of just pretending everything is always wonderful because that’s not good for me.

So, okay, when I got back Daddy and me felt like eating something European so we went to the tapas place downtown on Lyon Street called 222 Lyon Street, which I didn’t think was very creative. But Daddy and me just loved tapas when we were in Spain and Daddy says this place on Lyon Street has good reviews. BUT – I don’t know why because it wasn’t very good.

The place looks cute and there’s a painting of a Spain lady on the wall and everything and the people who worked there seemed super-sweet and all, but the tapas were, like, HUGE.

Okay, I’m not being a know-it-all or anything, but in Spain tapas are like tiny portions of stuff (like in the picture) and you get a whole bunch of different things and have maybe a bite or two of each. At this Lyon Street place though everything was the size of a whole meal and Daddy says they were pretty expensive. Also, it was all kind of icky.

I had these “olives stuffed with anchovies”, and got this bucket of olives that were so mushy and puny I think they must have worked real hard on them to squeeze the anchovy PASTE in with a pin or something. The chicken thing was totally gross because all the chicken was chewy and knobbly and I had to spit it out.  Ewwwww. 

We also tried a couple of other things, but they were totally lame and I think they put Cool-Whip on the dessert, even though they said it was freshly whipped cream…because it tasted like Cool-Whip…Gahhhhhhgggggg!!!!!

So, anyway, that’s my restaurant review!!!!